Prescription Sunglasses

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Our independent Melbourne optometrist practice sells big brand prescription sunglasses

Prescription Sunglass Frames.

Prescription sunglasses that may suit your prescription include frames from over 40 leading brands. Men and women’s metal and plastic frames, with options that include nylon, wrap-around, rimless and flexible from a carefully selected group of leading international and Australian distributors.

Prescription Sunglass Lenses.

South Melbourne Optical prescribe reading glasses for wearing outdoors in the sun; popular types of prescription sunglasses are the sunglass multifocals and hidden back surface bifocal, with a non-prescription upper half for looking far away and a reading prescription in the lower half for close up. Reading a book or digital device in the sunshine has never been easier!

South Melbourne opticians fully understand sunglass lens technologies. Harmful UV and blue blocking lenses, multifocal prescription sunglasses, Transitions adaptive prescription lenses, polarised prescription sunglass lenses and others. They can advise what lenses for prescription sunglasses incorporate technologies specifically intended to maximise durability and convenience such as glare, scratch, water and UV protection and answer any questions you may have.

Mirror Finishes.

We can show you examples of mirror coatings that can be applied to most prescription lenses types. Blue mirror prescription sunglasses as well as gold and silver mirror prescription sunglasses are very fashionable in Melbourne at the moment.


Maui Jim prescription sunglasses include neutral grey, bronze, rose and HT high transmission green lenses. Transitions adaptive prescription sunglasses come in brown, graphite green and grey. Our opticians can assist you with your selection by showing you tint samples that can then be sent to the laboratory for colour matching. Lens colours can also be tinted to a full density (all over tint), or in a graduated way. Usually this is the tint being darker and the top and graduating down to a softer or lighter colour at the bottom of the lens.


South Melbourne opticians will oversee the fitting of prescription lenses for the sunglass frames you choose. They can (in most cases) also retrofit your current sunglasses with brand new prescription sunglass lenses. Whether you love your current sunglasses frame or a funky vintage pair of specs, they can assist you with the prescription sunglasses you’re looking for.

South Melbourne optical are one of just a few optometrist practices in Melbourne that fit prescription sunglass lenses on site. This process allows us to remotely order your sunglass lenses (in most cases), and then give you a phone call when lenses are ready for fitting while you wait!

If you’re considering prescription sunglasses arrange an appointment with our optometrist now! Our range of designer prescription sunglasses are available in many styles and colours – So you’re sure to find the prescription sunglass frame you’re looking for!

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