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South Melbourne Optical sources it’s ophthalmic lenses from innovative, cutting edge lens manufacturers both here in Australia and abroad.

Our Melbourne eyewear is custom made to suit a diverse range of lifestyles and clientele. We customise and supply prescription lenses for eyeglass frames and sunglass frames. We can also retrofit your current eyeglasses or sunglasses with brand new prescription lenses. Whether you love your current frame or a funky vintage pair of specs, we can help.

Vision changes as you age. Prescription lens types vary according to the visual requirements or problem. Each wearer has unique visual needs that can be catered for by using a combination of lens types, materials and coatings.

South Melbourne Optometrist David Asp and his qualified opticians understand the technology behind each lens they sell.  

Custom Lenses for Your Glasses

  • Lenses with UV Protection
  • Lenses with blue light protection
  • Lenses with scratch resistance
  • Lenses for close up vision
  • Lenses for extreme conditions
  • Lenses that are impact resistant
  • Lenses for a perfect style
  • Lenses with quick adaptation
  • Lenses to prevent eyestrain
  • Lenses with fog resistance
  • Lenses with smudge resistance
  • Lenses for clear vision

  • Lenses for all distance vision
  • Lenses for indoor and outdoor
  • Lenses with thin and light lenses
  • Easy to clean lenses
  • Lenses that reduce glare
  • Lenses for reading
  • Lenses for driving
  • Lenses for computer use
  • Lenses for playing sport
  • Lenses for outdoors
  • Lenses for DIY

There are three main parts to a lens: the surface, the material and the lens technology.

Our opticians can advise you on the best combination to meet your needs.

Lens types and materials

Single Vision Lenses
These have the same focal power over the whole lens. They are our most commonly prescribed lenses, and are set for one viewing distance only, which may be near, intermediate or distance.

Multifocal / Progressive Lenses
Multifocal eyeglass and prescription sunglass lenses contain two or more lens powers to help wearers see objects at all distances. Typically these lenses have three main zones for distance, intermediate and reading, so wearers can enjoy the convenience of not having to take their glasses on and off and can view all distances in one lens.

Bifocal Lenses
Bifocals contain two lens powers and are sectioned into two distinct parts, which give the user clear distance and near (generally), with no transition or correction in between.

High Index Lenses
Because of their ability to bend light more efficiently, high-index lenses for nearsightedness are ideal for strong prescriptions.

Lens Brands
Brands of prescription lenses and coatings that South Melbourne Optical prescribe include Crizal, Transitions, Signature and Varilux (to name but a few). They are among the most trusted prescription lens brands in the optical market. Eyezen glasses are a NEW, innovative, digital screen protection lens designed to relax and protect your eyes from digital devices such as computer screens, tablet screens and phone screens - all day long. Other brands include Optifog for fog free vision, Xperio and PolarizedPlus2 sunglass lens technology that shields your eyes from glare and harmful UV.

There are many different lens options, materials and properties to be considered when buying prescription glasses. South Melbourne opticians can assist you make the right decision for your prescription lenses and glasses frame. They’ll strive to help you find the most beautiful, comfortable and durable corrective prescription glasses for your eyes.

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