04 November 2016

    This summer seasons Maui Jim Sunglasses have arrived. South Melbourne Optical has over 40 fashion Maui Jim sunglass frame styles available for you to try on in store.

    Also available in prescription, Maui Jim sunglasses feature PolarizedPlus2 lenses that block 100% of all harmful UV rays, protecting wearers eyes from damage and long-term health risks.

    Seeing is believing. Maui Jim Sunglasses are a premium South Melbourne Optical brand and an ideal choice for anyone requiring comfortable, quality sunglasses.

  • Get the most out of your health fund by claiming your 2016 optical rebate now!

    11 October 2016

    If you have a health fund with benefits that expire at the end of the year, any optical eligible benefits left in your health fund may not get carried over into 2017 and “what you don’t use, you lose”.

    Spend it now on new season frames, eye strain glasses or prescription sunglasses, or use it to top up your contact lens supply. The choice is yours!

    We’ll help you get the full benefits you are entitled to under your optical health fund policy. For instance, if you use your eligible rebate together with our FREE $100 off eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses* voucher, your out of pocket expenses may be very minimal, or nothing at all!

    Drop into South Melbourne Optical to take advantage of your health fund rebate, call us on 03 9690 4817 or arrange an eye test now if required.

  • Harmful blue light is everywhere indoors and out

    10 October 2016

    With Summer fast approaching, now is a good time to consider Transitions lenses for all-round protection from UV, glare and harmful blue light indoors and out.

    If you experience tired eyes from many hours of screen use, find that your eyes are sensitive to light and are concerned about the damaging effects of UV visit us at South Melbourne Optical to find out more or arrange an appointment now.

  • New Lenses that Relax and Protect Your Eyes from Digital Devices

    09 October 2016

    Eyezen lenses help relax the eyes giving wearers a better focus. Most brands of eyeglasses at South Melbourne can be custom made with Eyezen lenses.

  • Are you experiencing Digital Eye Strain (DES)?

    06 September 2016

    Eyes feeling tired or dry?
    A headache is starting?
    Neck and shoulders are aching?

    These are common symptoms associated with Digital Eye Strain. DES is related to the overuse of digital devices.

    Find out about the benefits of wearing Digital Eye Strain Glasses from South Melbourne Optical.