Prescription Sunglasses Lens Tint Density

Prescription sunglass lenses are tinted by leaving them in a bath of tint solution. The longer they are left in the solution, the darker the tint becomes. Lenses bathed in tint colours can assume just about any colour shade or colour density. The lens actually absorbs the tint colour into the lens material. Tint density is defined as a percentage, where 0% is completely clear, and 100% permits no light to pass through (solid). A 10% to 20% tint is used for a 'fashion' or cosmetic tint, and a 50% to 80% tint is used for outdoor protection from the sun.

For sun protection, you would use approximately 50-70% tint for all around use, both during midday and during morning and evening hours when there is less available light. For bright light situations, like midday sun on the water, an 80% tint provides maximum protection from the bright sun.

Our trained staff would be pleased to show you samples of various tints in differing intensities. It is also helpful to hold these samples up to the sunglass frame itself in order to match the two together. It is also possible to match (in most cases) the existing tint that already exists in the sunglass frame, and this a popular option for many of our patients and customers.

At South Melbourne optical you can be assured of receiving the very best advice in the selection of the your prescription sunglasses for your specific requirements.

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Prescription Sunglass Lens Tint Density
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