Prescription Sunglasses Lens Tint

Once South Melbourne Optical have assisted you to select a suitable prescription sunglasses frame, we can help you choose a lens type (CR39, polycarbonate, high index, polarized, or sun-sensitive, colour change material such as Transitions lenses).

CR39 lenses can be tinted easily to any colour and tint density you choose. You cannot choose the tints for polarized and sun-sensitive, colour change lenses, as they are only available in brown or grey.

Polycarbonate lenses cannot easily be tinted. If you want the durability of polycarbonate lenses in your prescription sunglasses, the lens material to choose is called Trilogy or Eyas. These have a similar durability as polycarbonate, but it can be tinted to a customised colour.

At South Melbourne optical you can be assured of receiving the very best advice in the selection of the your prescription sunglasses for your specific requirements.

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Prescription Sunglasses Lenses Tint Melbourne
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