Blue Light Glasses

blue light glasses

Blue Light Glasses for Indoors and Out.

Blue-Violet, “harmful light” is close to the spectrum UV, penetrates deep into the eye and is dangerous.

South Melbourne Optical sells eyeglasses with blue light lenses for all-round protection from UV, glare and harmful blue light indoors and out.

Blue-violet light is everywhere, from your smartphone, tablet, and computer and even from the sun. It can put your eyes at risk of long-term damage. As with UV rays, over-exposure to this type of light can be harmful to our eyes.

It can damage the retina, and potentially increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts and photo keratitis (sunburned cornea) – which can lead to temporary blindness.

Blue light glasses can be made for most frames. Eyewear brands at South Melbourne include Dolce and Gabbana, Emporia Armani, Maui Jim, Porsche Design, Prada, Ray Ban and Silhouette to name a few.

Blue Light Lenses for Indoors.

If you spend each day staring at a computer? Then like up to 80% of people in the developed world, you may suffer from digital eyestrain. Our range of clear lenses prevents long-term damage to eyes by selectively filtering harmful UV and blue light.

Eyezen glasses filter blue light and help you focus better.

Eyezen is available for everyone at South Melbourne Optical - whether you have a prescription or not - to keep you going from morning to night filtering blue light and helping you focus better.

Blue Light Lenses for Outdoors.

UV and blue lights are harmful to your eyes. But with the right protection on your lenses, there’s little to worry about.

Transitions Adaptive Lenses reduce eye fatigue and strain. They block 100% of UV light. With a blue coating they also filter out harmful blue light.

PolarizedPlus2® Sunglass Lenses provide brilliant colour so every detail is crisper and cleaner and without glare or harmful UV.

Crizal® Prevencia lens coatings selectively filter light, protecting the eye against harmful blue-violet and UV hazards (prevention of cataract and AMD), while providing all the benefits of essential light. UV Rays and harmful blue-violet light are virtually eliminated.

Whatever your eyeglasses or sunglasses need, South Melbourne opticians can assist you make the right selection for your next pair of blue light glasses indoors and out.

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