Sunglasses Prescription Tint Options

Graduated Tints

A Graduated tint is darker at the top and then fades to clear at the bottom of the lens.

Multi Coating or Anti Reflection Coating

Prescription sunglasses lenses can receive a coating on the outside that is called a 'multicoat' which helps to reflect lightaway from the wearer. The advantage of this coating is that it serves to reduce the amount of reflected light or glare that makes it harder to see especially in bright light conditions.

Sun-Sensitive/Colour Change Lenses

Photo sensitive lenses are also known by their brand name 'Transitions', or the technical name 'photochromatic'.

This type of lens automatically darkens to a moderate shade when exposed to the ultra-violet rays of direct sunlight. When the direct sunlight is removed, the lenses lighten again. Photochromatic lenses are available in brown and grey. Sun-sensitive lenses are available in the normal range of vision correction for prescription sunglasses.

A photochromic lens has some limitations. First, the lens needs ultra-violet light to darken, and it will darken more slowly or incompletely if the lens is not in direct sunlight. For example, if you are wearing a hat, or if it is cloudy, or if you are inside an automobile, the lenses may darken slowly or not completely.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are tinted lenses that block vertical light from hitting your eye and causing eye strain. Hunters, boating enthusiasts, fishermen, golfers, and drivers are the most common users of polarized lenses. Any surface can create glare in sunlight, including water, snow, sand, windows, vehicles, and buildings. Polarized lenses ease eye stress and fatigue in the harsh Australian sun, and lenses are available in several colour and density options. However, in some situations, glare can be beneficial. For example, polarized lenses could make it difficult for a driver to see ice on a mountain road, or for a skier to see ice on the ski slope, or for a seaplane pilot to see the water when landing.

Polarized lenses function similar to window blinds with horizontal slats when open. You view the slats on the edge so they are very thin, and these edges hold the tint colour. Polarized lenses block the vertical light that tries to enter your eye from down below or up above, and it only allow the horizontal light to pass through the lens. Polarized lenses are available in the normal range of vision correction for prescription sunglasses.

Clip On Sunglasses

Clip-on sunglass lenses are tinted lenses that 'clip on'to regular prescription glasses, effectively turning them into prescription sunglasses. The clip-ons usually match the eyeglasses frame in shape and colour, and attach either by clips or with magnets. Regular clip-ons require two hands to add and remove the clips, but magnetic clip-ons (they hold to the frame with magnets instead of clips) can be added or removed with just one hand.

At South Melbourne Optical the most popular brand of Clip On Sunglass Frames is the Convertibles Range, which has an enormous range of styles, sizes and colours.

At South Melbourne optical you can be assured of receiving the very best advice in the selection of the your prescription sunglasses for your specific requirements.

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Prescription Sunglass Lens Tint Options
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