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We specialise making multifocal glasses in Melbourne

Once we reach our mid-40s, presbyopia makes it difficult to focus on near objects.

Multifocal eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses contain two or more lens powers to help you see objects at all distances after you lose the ability to naturally change the focus of your eyes due to age.

Multifocal eyeglass lenses allow wearers to see close up and far away by looking out at different points in the lenses. Some wearers find it takes a bit of practice to know where to look, but once they adjust to multifocal glasses, they’ll see clearly without needing two pairs of eyeglasses. They are an extremely popular choice of lens for South Melbourne Optical patients and customers.

The term multifocal lenses and progressive lenses are used interchangeably. If someone describes a progressive lens it is also a multifocal lens and vice versa.

Multifocal eyeglasses are a flexible and convenient solution for many viewing distances. They offer a smooth change (unlike bifocals) between viewing distances enabling patients to see a person or object clearly in the far distance, look ahead to view things at arm's length such as a phone, and drop your gaze downward to read and write comfortably.

Multifocal lenses can be specially coated to cater for the growing needs of our patients. Multifocal glasses can be custom made for both indoor and outdoor use. UV protection, blue light protection, eye strain prevention, smudge resistance, scratch resistance and more.

Common problems with multifocal eyeglass wearers start with an incorrect prescription. For that reason our optometrist conducts an eye test for all new patients before multifocal lens selection begins.

Getting the lens position correct is critical to making great multifocal eyeglasses. Having the spectacle frame fit well before measurements are taken is critical. If new lenses are not fitting in the right spot and are just a few millimetres off then multifocal eyeglasses wearer will struggle to adapt to the lens and it won’t work properly.

Common adaptation symptoms with multifocals

Not seeing as well out to the side of a patient's vision

The way a multifocal lens is designed leads to some distortion of a multifocal eyeglass wearer’s side vision. That means the wearer may have to turn there head more to look behind particularly when reversing a car. This is something that the wearer will get used to by moving their head more or adapting how they use their eyes. It’s simply a part of how multifocal lenses work.

Only seeing a few lines of type clearly at a time

With a multifocal lens there is a corridor of clear vision that runs from the top of the lens through the middle of the lens to the bottom (reading). It’s simply a part of how multifocal lenses work.

When using a multifocal lenses the wearer will need to point there nose to what they want to read if looking straight ahead and up close. In the instance of phone use or looking at the instruments whilst you drive a car they naturally gaze downwards to the bottom of the lens (reading). In some situations such as a computer use, we may advise a separate pair of non-multifocal glasses customised exactly for what you need.

The ground seems to be in a different place or the wearer feels taller than before

Because the bottom of the multifocal lens is stronger for reading that magnifies the bottom area of the multifocal glasses wearers’ vision causing the wearer to feel like the ground has shifted or they have grown longer legs. For most wearers this will pass within a few days of getting their multifocals - especially if the correct lens design is selected and fitted in the first place. Occasionally, the lenses may need to be altered or re-manufactured to take into account differing requirements. Our staff at South Melbourne Optical are highly experienced in all facets of lens fitting and design. If the wearer suffers from migraines, car sickness or light sensitivity multifocals may not be a good choice. Rarely some people never get used to it and need to stay with separate distance and reading glasses.

The wearer feels like they need to tilt their head backwards to see clearly in the distance

It’s likely the lens centres have been set too low or the prescription is not strong enough in the distance. Make an appointment to retest your eyes and inspect your glasses with us.

The wearer feels like they need to tilt their head in towards their chest to see clearly in the distance

It’s likely the lens centres have been set too high meaning that in the normal head position the wearer is looking through the intermediate (computer) or reading section of the lens. Make an appointment to retest your eyes and inspect your glasses with us.

The wearer finds the reading area very small

Sometimes the frame curvature on wearers face is too flat meaning that both eyes are not looking perpendicular to the lenses. That means that we need to curve the frame on your face (dihedral angle/wrap angle) to improve your binocular vision and improve the apparent width of the reading zone. This can be avoided by selecting an appropriate frame in the first instance. Make an appointment to retest your eyes and inspect your glasses with us.

I am having lots of problems with my multifocal glasses and they just aren’t working.

You didn’t come to South Melbourne Optical. If you have been successfully wearing multifocals before then it is likely there is something wrong with either the fitting or prescription of the lens. If you haven’t worn multifocal lenses before it may be an adaptation issue. Either way talk to us!

A thorough eye examination at South Melbourne Optical ensures patient’s eyes have not changed from when they were last measured. Combine this with opticians who are trained to select frames and lenses to suit the special needs of multifocal eyeglass wearers and you can be assured you’ll come away with multifocal eyeglasses ideally suited to your prescription and eye care need.

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