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Eyezen lenses help relax the eyes giving wearers a better focus.

Problems associated with digital eyestrain relate to digital screens being too bright, too small, and being used too much. Digital screens are a major cause of tired eyes. Eyezen lenses for eyeglasses are specially designed to relax and protect your eyes from digital devices such as computer screens, tablet screens and phone screens - all day long.

South Melbourne Optometrist David Asp prescribes Eyezen lenses to patients who spend a lot of time in front of digital screens each day (including tablets and smartphones). They are designed to replace standard vision lenses and can be worn all day long. Patients at South Melbourne Optical, who used to take off their reading glasses, now leave them on. They love the clarity Eyezen lenses provide.

Eyezen Features

  • Selective Light Filtering - Reduces blue light, enhances contrast (& lets essential good blue light pass through)
  • Power Distribution Optimisation - Comfortable & relaxed vision and a power at the bottom part of the lens that supports demanding focusing
  • W.A.V.E. surfacing technology - Sharper and clearer vision.

About Eyezen Glasses

Most brands of eyeglasses at South Melbourne can be custom made with Eyezen lenses.

Eyestrain, difficulty seeing in dim light, problems focusing on small objects and fine print are usually the first signs of presbyopia a condition usually first noticed between the ages of forty and fifty. Eyezen lenses are made exclusively for young adults (non-presbyopes) and are designed to replace standard vision lenses. Digital eyestrain, UV light and blue light filtering lens coating technologies such as Crizal Prevencia (the first clear lens to prevent long-term damages for your eyes by selectively filtering harmful UV and blue light) can be applied to other spectacle lens types our optometrist prescribes to correct your vision.

Eyezen Focus (bottom part of the lens) does not change the prescription of the wearer as it positioned well below the far vision point.

Eyeglasses fitted with Eyezen lenses are optimised to the wearer. Eyezen Plus (0.4) for wearers in their twenties, Eyezen Pro (0.6) for your wearers in their thirties and Eyezen Max (0.85) for your wearers in their forties. Why? During these periods of our life vision slowly changes. This is natural. The extra powers for each Eyezen lens type support the demand/effort required when using digital devices according to the needs of each age group. 100% of the power boost is obtained at the bottom of the lens. For that reason the only point to be tested for Eyezen lenses is distance vision. Arrange an eye test online now!

It’s not possible to slow or accelerate presbyopia with any form of spectacle lens. Eyezen glasses made to relax and protect your eyes from digital screens will not make eyes lazy or increase presbyopia. The extra power provided by Eyezen Focus supports vision for digital devices and is quite small compared to the eye’s natural focusing.

Eyezen lenses are designed to support near focusing to relax the eyes and not to replace focusing, as is the case with progressive lenses. The width of the power zone is optimised to ensure it brings relief to the wearer. This extra power is not essential for near vision correction.

Eyeglasses we make with Eyezen lenses incorporate blue light protection and focus support, support close distances and the downward position of hand held devices and provide sharper vision than standard single vision lenses. South Melbourne Eyezen eyeglass lenses are a clear choice for users off digital devices and anyone looking for extra clear vision anti-fatigue lenses.

Eyezen glasses are available to everyone, even those who have not been prescribed near reading glasses lenses.

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