Over-40s Digitime Lenses

Varilux Digitime is a mid-distance varifocal lens designed to be worn instead of your main varifocals when using different devices screens.

Digitime glasses relax your eyes and posture when using screens for long periods of time. They are also well suited for other near and intermediate activities such as sewing, reading, cooking, and precision tasks. They cannot be used for activities requiring clear far vision such as driving.

Digitime Near Lenses

The most natural way for your eyes to focus on your tablet or phone. Messaging your friends has never been so clear.

The Lens

  • Wide near vision zone at the bottom of the lens
  • Ultra near vision zone
  • Minimum depth of field of 80cm

digitime near lens

Digitime Mid Lenses

For everyday office screen life, not every lens allows for relaxed vision. Just think how many times you stretch your neck to focus on the screen. With Digitime Mid, you can work comfortably at your desk knowing your eyes and posture are relaxed.

The Lens

  • A wide intermediate vision zone
  • Ultra near vision zone
  • Minimum depth of field of 100cm

digitime mid lens

Digitime Room Lenses

When you want to watch tv, you should be able to sit back and relax knowing your eyes are not strained. And when you get a text, you want to see it clearly without distortion. Thanks to Digitime Room, this is exactly what you get.

The Lens

  • A wide extended vision zone at the top of the lens
  • Ultra near vision zone
  • Minimum depth of field of 220cm

digitime room lens

For complete protection of your eyes and your lenses, Digitime lenses are recommended with a Crizal Prevencia coating that selectively filters harmful blue-violet light and UV rays emitted by LED lighting from digital screens.

Digitime Glasses Melbourne - Prescription over-40s lenses for varifocal wearers at South Melbourne Optical.